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Setting up a niche website isn’t nearly as hard as you may think. Even if you’ve never set up a site, it won’t take you more than a weekend using the three easy steps outlined in this article. These days with easy DIY online tools and user-friendly hosting companies, there is no need to hire a web designer. You can easily do it all yourself in just a few hours. Here’s how.

Go to control panel your web hosting account and seek to create an FTP account. If this is your first time, they leave the directory blank and simply add your domain user name and password. I can set up your quota unlimited. Click enter and you have created your FTP account. When you press enter, it will give you the information you need to access your account. Copy and paste this code into a document and save it on your computer.

It doesn’t matter what the foundation is for your website – Joomla or wordpress cms or anything in between – it is important to make it fully usable by anyone who visits. One of the simple tools you can use to make this happen is a simple search field. It was briefly mentioned in Item #3 above, where navigation was discussed. There are different search tools you can use.

Sign up and follow their video lessons. Membership is not expensive, ($1 for the first month, then $33 a month afterward) and I guarantee you will recoup the money you have spent if you follow their instructions. Once you have a list of possible search terms that you wish to target, the next step is to go and buy a suitable domain name.

Bonus tip for Strategy Number Two: Check your RSS feeds at the end of the day. Even if you scan them at the beginning of your day, checking them again at the end can yield inspiration for tomorrow’s article. If you have the time, write tomorrow’s article the night before. That way, you can post first thing in the morning, and spend the rest of the day marketing, networking and analyzing to your heart’s content.

All the changes can be made by logging in through your own website. You do not have to have website software like Dreamweaver or Frontpage, you do everything online. So if I am on vacation and I need to update my site I can do so from my hotel by logging in online and making the changes.

Once you’ve identified which deal you want to feature, a few simple clicks embeds the deal image and description into the blog post while automatically linking through the Commission Junction affiliate system.

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