Ways In Which Cycling Can Be Encouraged Using An Electric Bicycle

India has a large business in cycles and petrol bikes. Electric bikes come under middle segment and India is seen as future hub for electric vehicles business. Market is expected to rise by 100% this year and then 200% in the consequent years. But in order to realize this trend, we need to collectively work on the following points.

Because the motor is electric there is no need for fuel which saves users a lot of money. Especially if you take into account rising fuel prices. Not to mention the environmental benefits of zero-emission motor.

The EvoBike is simple to operate, and a fun ride. The speed controller is located on the right handlebar. You can start pedaling, or turn the key and use the electric motor immediately. The brakes are on the handlebars and easy to reach. There is a platform over the rear wheel for carrying items.

Fifth is weight. Bicyclists love to shed weight on their bikes. The lighter the better is their motto and the lighter the bike, the more it costs. When you are adding around 30 or more pounds of motor, battery and controller, trying to save five pounds by using a more expensive bike is self defeating. Actually, a less expensive good solid steel framed bike is ideal for the installation of an bici conversion kit.

So cycling is another option but we decided to research one step further than that when we heard about such a thing as an electric push bike. This can get him to the gym in no time, he saves money every time he rides, he can lock it on to the bike rack when he gets there and can choose whether to pedal or not!

With the TTXGP being just one step toward reaching their ultimate goal the San Francisco based Mission team moved on to the Bonneville Salt Flats to break the land speed record for electric bikes. Using the same bike that they rode at the Isle of Man the team set a new record at the salt flats with an average speed of 150.059 mph over two runs with a high speed of 161 mph in one of the runs.

With the electric-bike you can finally go uphills, without the stress and strain associated with cycling. It makes the journey to work much more pleasurable.

Bikes that has a motor mounted to it can only go as far as the battery life it has. If you like cycling all day, then there is really no point for you. You can buy spare batteries to give the bike a longer distance to cover but there is still a limitation. And not to mention that charging the batteries can be between the range of 6 to 8 hours too.

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