The Power Of Protection

Whether you’re looking to become a celebrity or executive bodyguard. The growing market for firearms training for close protection officer’s overseas and at home is growing rapidly.

Another very important skill is going to be self defense. I highly recommend taking classes in a martial arts or hand to hand combat training. Their might be a time where you are unable to use your weapon and this will be your last line of defense. Your client and your own life depends on it.

Gregg is currently an armed security protection Tijuana and San Diego Agent, protecting not only top executives but also music and performance stars. And he has decided to share his simple and extremely effective fight strategies with the average civilian through his DVD series called Be The Bodyguard.

Sadly, until some agency is organized to protect your inventive rights, the majority of the combat needs to be done by you. There is no need to get overwhelmed by this thought. The idea is to make the procedure of retrieving your stolen content easy to understand and implement.

Also, steer clear of behavior that brings on the interest of possible predators. In other words, do not leave from a ATM outside downtown at midnight counting your cash. You could be asking to be attacked.

Being physically fit and in great condition. You do not want your body to fail you while you are out on duty. Someone who has the endurance and great strength would be ideal.

Firstly, I would like to thank Oliver for taking the time to interview me. Oliver is a very good at conducting interviews. His laid back approach and calm attitude puts you at ease and allows you to just answer the questions without worrying about how you sound. I wish him great success in the future.

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