Justin Bieber Removes, Apologizes For Lindsay Lohan Comment In Instagram Rant

If you look at the evolution of sharing and social media, you would see the next step already. We started with personal blogs AKA Xanga and livejournal. Basically, your words on a screen. Then those died out for the next big thing, which was Myspace. The days of Top 8 and profile pics ran rampant. Comments on walls and tiny music players that were the first thing that you noticed on other people’s Myspace page.

The fight became headline news and the backlash against Brown, given his propensity toward violent behavior in the past, prompted the “Don’t Judge Me” singer to post a painting on instagram of a crucified Jesus, captioned with “Painting the way I feel today.” Needless to say, that photo wasn’t well received, either, and the flood of condemnation saw Brown delete his instadp account.

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It was a much better pic than the shots taken by paps earlier in the week showing a bit of cellulite on the mother-of-two’s derriere area as she waltzed into the studio for her latest music video.

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Tip2: The streaming speed via Wi-Fi is much faster than via Cellular connection, so if you want to steam the large size items such as a movie or a television episode, you’d better do this under the Wi-Fi.

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