Hiring A Process Server? 7 Questions You Should Ask

I used to work in the foreclosure department in one of the leading mortgage companies for 4 years. I better know a little bit about foreclosure, right? =) In light of the sub-prime crisis that the US is having right now, I thought I’d share some general information that I hope would be helpful to a homeowner, whether you’re in foreclosure or not. I’ve always wanted to give out some information, and here I am doing it.

It is good practice to get certified copies of the AO, to quickly serve on parties and/or their lawyers, so they cannot claim they did not believe it to be genuine.

1) Create some basic business cards and flyers to hand out to attorneys. Do a search for local attorneys within 20 miles of your location. Create a basic letter introducing yourself and listing your services. Let the attorneys know you are available to serve within 50 miles (or whatever you’re comfortable with) from their office to serve.

Whether or not you have already filed the judgment lien with the court, you can pay the Sheriff to levy your debtor’s final judgment. You begin by getting a writ of execution. Then you have a registered process server business or the Sheriff directly, open a Sheriff’s levying officer file. Then you file your notice of judgment levy with the court, and the proper parties must be served.

If you get a notice of this in the mail, visit your court and ask them how to proceed. In general you must file an opposition to their claim. If the debtor does not have a valid reason, their attempt will not work.

Owing money is not a criminal act. Therefore you won’t do time for a maxed-out credit card. Check the internet, or ask people you trust. When was the last time you heard of anyone being arrested for owing money??

So, once you’re able to do this, how do you proceed? Well, you take the focus off of worrying about the tiny details and you instead take a look at how things are going in general and how you can change your husband’s perception that he’s not getting as much as he’s giving. And yes, you may also feel this way. But working on these issues will benefit you as well. People who feel appreciated and valued are much more willing and able to reciprocate.

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