Gmail Down Sept.1 May Affect Universities

I sometimes feel that I am very contradictory in my computing likes and dislikes. On one hand, I love being able to access all of my “stuff” online. I like having documents backed up online. I love being able to check my e-mail and blogs online. I love having a Web browser that can act as more than just a Web browser.

Simple passwords. The passwords of 123456, abc123, 11111, etc., are easy to type out and are also among the most common, and thus easily figured out. “Princess” and “querty” are also commonly used words.

This doesn’t mean I haven’t found issues with the Augen GenBook 74. First, and most obviously, the Augen GenBook 74 has a small keyboard. It slows down typing and is a little awkward to use. However, I’ve been finding that my typing speed has slowly been increasing with the Augen GenBook 74. Second, the Android user interface is a little unfamiliar. For example, some activities that traditionally take a double click also seem to take a click followed by a doubletap on the touch pad. Third, when you surf, web sites see you’ve arrived via an Android device and send you to their mobile sites. All of this does make the Augen GenBook 74 a little awkward.

Another software for HTC smart phones is the ActivePrint Traveler. You can print photos, office documents, web pages and plain text documents directly from your HTC smart phone to your printer. You need to install the software’s app on your phone and your printer before you can continue printing.

As of right now, Google + is in a trial stage, so you have to be invited to join. If you have the chance to check it out, I would highly suggest doing so. It blends seemlessly with personal Google/Buy Old Gmail Accounts as well.

Depending on the software you will be choosing, these things relatively cost cheap; most of them are even free like Google’s Cloud Print and the JETCET Print since it’s automatically installed when you get your HTC phone.

Cracking security questions. It seems that most people use easily-traceable names for their secret question when registering a password, such as names of family members and schools they attended. This information is often on their social media profiles and, with a bit of legwork, can be figured out. Often, passwords include these names as well.

Communication is key in our world, and if you are unable to reply to e-mail messages quickly, than you may suffer the consequence, either professionally or socially. With the iPhone, you are able to stay connected to the world around you, no matter where you are.

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