Cloud Computing – Crucial Things To Remember

Great reason to try out many of the new cloud computing software out there (word documents and the like based on the internet, so no software on your computer, just an internet browser).

With v5.0, vSphere’s high-availability architecture has also been upgraded for better scale-out ability. Storage distributed resource scheduling (DRS), profile-driven storage and automated host deployment are also new features in the software.

When we think of clouds, however, it is not always big fluffy white clouds among a bright blue sky and sunshine on the horizon. Sometimes clouds bring to mind storms, danger and peril. And so cheapest windows 10 solutions should also be looked at with caution in mind.

Knowing your industry – Get every drop of information you can on your industry. You need to be an expert that knows everything you possibly can about it. You can’t go into business knowing less than your customers. If they know more than you, they won’t buy from you. Be a trusted advisor that people turn to.

Is additional bandwidth affordable? With all that traffic going through your internet connection you will generally need more internet bandwidth. If you are forced to upgrade to a fibre line is it affordable for the business?

Servers go down from time to time. It just happens occasionally to all of them. But what if the timing is such that you can’t get at the data you need when you need it. It may only be for a few minutes, or a few hours, but it can be longer sometimes. Power can go out due to weather conditions where their servers are located, phone lines, or internet coverage can be unavailable, server maintenance is often necessary, etc. And if you have a client waiting for an estimate or proposal, it will be hard to explain why they have to wait. You may lose the client as they question your ability to fulfill their needs on a timely basis. And try telling your employee that they have to wait until next week for their paycheck!

Prayer – This may come as a shocker to many, but prayer is my most valuable tool. I pray about what to write, how to market, what technology to use, ways to improve my business, and I pray over each of my clients. Prayer is how I guide my business. If there is one silver bullet in my arsenal, its prayer.

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