Affiliate Marketing – Make Money As An Affiliate

Ah Facebook… it’s got a number 2 Alexa ranking meaning it’s the 2nd most visited website in the world so why the heck wouldn’t you want to learn how to prospect on Facebook?!?

One thing that kind of bothered me was that the product seems to take a backseat to the business opportunity. It kind of makes sense because the business opportunity is just as good… it just bothers me a bit. I like to travel :). The business opportunity allows you to make $1000 commissions on anyone that you refer to the product. Simple as that. Now where most of the “flak” comes from is the whole “you can strike it rich” theme that emanates from Thousand Dollar Profits and the Reverse Funnel System.

Start Internet sendiio bonus this year and I can tell you, you will start making way more money than any sales job. Even more than Orthopedics. If you’re in medical sales you know what I’m talking about. So make your New Years Resolution to quit your sales job and start taking control of your financial future on your own schedule.

Sure it’s convenient to do what every other unsuccessful affiliate is doing, but guess what? These people aren’t making any money! So you shouldn’t follow them for the life of your business. This is basic math and understanding, so make sure you understand it clearly.

This sounds pretty simple enough, and I think that at least the majority of companies, teams, and leaders who claim to have “a system” could meet this basic definition with whatever their thought-out method of business building is.

12. Do you have a desire to be in control of your online presence, and not have to go through a web designer every time you want to change or add something to your site?

Facebook provides a large potential audience for entrepreneurs. You can get some of the sales you need by using it as a platform to establish your brand. Google info and read others’ experiences marketing to get tips. Facebook is easy enough to use that you do not have to be web savvy to tap its vast potential as a marketing tool.

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