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I had no idea if I was doing this right or if he liked it. I squirted all over him for hours and eventually he fucked me from behind as I watched our reflection in window of that beautifully furnished hotel room. We moved back home after he retired, to help look after our parents. So far, I am rather confused. When we got to the difficult part, he was quite quick to shove himself into me.

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Dahlia. Age: 28.
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I have felt the most happy sexually when I have been in love with a new guy.

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Alessandra. Age: 27.
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That information is important for understanding the context of the story. Because speaking our truths, with all their complications and imperfections and beauty, challenges a culture of shame that impacts us every day. He was working a dead-end job and so he joined the service so he could have a good job and support me. I frequently had sexual dreams about both sexes, but by then, I had moved to a very religious foster home and adopted their views on sexuality.

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