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The next morning Freyja woke and saw that the doors to her bower were open, yet unbroken, and that her precious necklace was gone. Dictionary of Norse Myth and Legend. Four dwarfs were smithying a golden necklace, and it was nearly done. Loki tells Freyja to be silent, calls her a malicious witch, and conjures a scenario where Freyja was once astride her brother when all of the gods, laughing, surprised the two. The best that can be done is to survey the arguments for and against their identity, and to see how well each can be supported. These toponyms are attested most commonly on the west coast though a high frequency is found in the southeast. Doyle Penrose painting, —

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These examples indicate that Freyja was a war-goddess, and she even appears as a valkyrie, literally 'the one who chooses the slain'. Norse paganism and mythology. The Elder Edda of Saemund Sigfusson. In Iceland, Freyja was called upon for assistance by way of Icelandic magical staves as late as the 18th century; and as late as the 19th century, Freyja is recorded as retaining elements of her role as a fertility goddess among rural Swedes.

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