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Describing the actual experience of a female orgasm is a little bit like describing the taste of salt to someone who has never tasted saltonly much, much harder! Nipple play is already very arousing, combined with penetration just mind blowing, but cumming from that alone? So now this is the only way i get any sexual relief. It induces intense prostate and anal orgasms that after practise turn into multiple orgasms just like a real girl! Its super satisfying and cumming this way is way more powerful and emotional. Being a sissy girl is not just about what you wear and what you look like but a whole state of mind.

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This little toy really changed my life!

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As I read more and more i definitely have had many of the same experiences! I have probably mentioned this before, but if you would like to condition yourself like I have described above one of the best toys you could ever invest in is the Aneros. All this can be achieved without touching your clitty and just with the feeling of penetration. Not a member of Pastebin yet?

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