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gundam seed destiny lacus
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After a funeral on the Archangel , Lacus and the others read Meer's diary and are visibly moved. She is shown to have a good sense of delegation and command for those that work under her. Being a pacifist, Lacus holds a strong dislike for war, expressing that they are simply started and repeated through a neverending cycle of attack and retaliation. This is Lacus Clyne of Eternal. Upon their engagement, Athrun goes to their home to hand her a bouquet of roses much to her delight. The two got the chance to become closer during Kira's time in Lacus's care at her manor, spending much time to get to know each other. When Lacus decides to return to space, Kira worries about Lacus being in danger.

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gundam seed destiny lacus

Like her father, Siegel Clyne, Lacus wishes to see a world where Naturals and Coordinators would willingly work together and coexist in harmony, disregarding the notion that Coordinators are an evolved species.

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Lacus Clyne

Before Lacus boarded the ship she tells Athrun she looks forward to the day they'll meet again. They still shared their friendship though, and high amounts of respect with each other, as well as concern. Kira and Lacus initially shared a bond of being the only Coordinators on a ship full of naturals.

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