Glossary of sexual slang

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Disclaimer: This collection of words is far more offensive than informative. The slurs revolve around a handful of categories: promiscuous women, homosexuals, and anyone who acts like a dick, a pussy, or an asshole. Likewise, most of the absurd sex acts are illegal, impossible, or involve an unhealthy amount of urine, feces, or vomit.

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T here are teachers and parents for the facts of life. For the fiction, it's the Urban Dictionary. Created in by Aaron Peckham, who was then just a first-year student, the site allows anybody to add a word or phrase of modern slang along with its definition.

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Skip navigation! Story from Body. Photographed by Fernanda Silva.

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Especially with the rise of social media, new terms are coined all the time, including in the arena of sexuality. For instance, while the word "cuck" has become an insult hurled by the right-wing trolls, it's related to cuckolding, which can and should be a hot and consensual sexual activity that all involved parties enjoy. If you weren't quite sure of what that particular word's definition is — or you're unclear on terms like felching, docking, or queening, for that matter — I've written a near-comprehensive guide. Additionally, if you're wondering if any given sex act is really a thing, keep in mind the wise words of sex educator Jimanekia Eborn : " Everything is a thing, is basically what I have learned working in sex education.

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Sometimes these women are recruited by other female inmates who are paid by outside pimps. In other cases, female inmates are directly contacted by sex traffickers through websites like paperdollpenpals. Many traffickers send letters and money to prisoners in an effort to build a relationship with them.

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Photo by Guille Faingold via Stocksy. Ever groped for trout in a peculiar river? Know the difference between a quimstake and a dry mouthed widow?

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Sometimes with literal shit involved. Often with literal shit involved. Because I care about you.

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Top definition. Every time I've looked up food phrases on Urban Dictionarythey've all had sexual definitions. A shortened version of the phrase 'sexual relations'.

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Find hundreds of slang terms for dirty words such as penis, vagina, oral sex, masturbation, boobs, erection, and more. Acorn - The head of the penis. Right after you blow your load, clamp her mouth shut, and whisper in her ear, "I've got syphillis.

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There's 1, code words for the big S. We've compiled a list of those harmless, coded words the dirty ones are a slideshow for another day. So, sit back and take notes about how to signal to your lover the next time you need a quick getaway. An afternoon delight sounds like a sweet treat offered in the late day—maybe with a cup of tea.


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