Pipe Welding Certification Tests Made A Little Simpler

All welding schools are not created equal. Some welding schools strictly adhere to the curriculum mandated by the state university system or institution in charge. But some welding programs not only meet the minimum curriculum requirements, but are also able to offer advanced tig programs or pipe welding training programs. If a welding school does not offer advanced tig welding or pipe welding, it might be a sign to keep looking.

For instance, a welder who has passed the test of TIG on 2 inch schedule 80 pipe in a 6G position can weld 1 inch and grater diameter pipe. It can go up to 436” thick and then a welder can weld in all positions. Similarly, a welder having passed the test of 6” schedule 40 in a 6G position is qualified to weld till .560” thick and it can go down up to 2.875” pipe diameter.

As you can tell, we recommend you choose a top welding school. Because their programs are narrowly tailored to welding, you will most often get a higher quality education. You will also get the benefit of working on some more refined programs like tig welding or Know more here. For these reasons, we suggest you look at the best schools first.

You have what is often referred to as welding processes. Of course, certain processes are better suited to certain types of jobs than others would be. Welders favor the shielded metal-arc welding (Stick welding) process, and the gas tungsten arc welding (tungsten inert gas or “TIG” welding) process when they do pipeline welding jobs.

Food factories which make everything from canned corn to Canadian bacon must adhere to very strict cleanliness standards and procedures. Why? It’s because they can easily make hundreds or even thousands of people sick. Most of the pipe in these huge facilities is stainless steel.

Set up at home or in a friend’s shop and start practicing. The dirty little secret the industry doesn’t want you know is this: When the rubber meets the road, no one (in the USA) cares what you know about fitting pipe (other than what a properly prepared joint is like). No one cares what school or schools you went to. They are not too concerned if you can’t read.

Let’s say you put in the time to be a world class comic book artist. At the lowest common denominator, how could you make a living doing it? If you’re truly worldclass, you’ll be able to make a great living just creating comic logos for people. Sketch artist at theme parks make big bucks. What do they get for an on the spot comic portrait? How many times a day do they do it? What are their cost?

Other welders, your family, and a whole bunch of other people who think they know better than you will tell you, “You can’t do it.” Screw that! Start telling yourself right now, you CAN do it. If you set out the plan, it will happen. When you set a definite plan in motion – almost like magic, another bunch of people appear and help you make your plan a reality. This is the truth.

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