Gay zoophiles

gay zoophiles
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Originally posted by Hefficide reply to post by againuntodust. And secondly those sheep were asking for it If you are born gay and have no control over your sexual preference, does that also mean pedophiles are born pedophiles and have no control over their sexual preference? I am surprised anyone things this drivel is remotely an adult topic. As such, there is no good argument for adults not to choose a partner of the same sex.

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Myra. Age: 21.
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I was reading another thread where people were arguing that you are either "born gay" and have no choice in the matter, or you "learn how to be gay" by trying it.

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Anaya. Age: 23.
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Born gay? Born pedophile? Born zoophile?

The argument whether people are born gay exists mainly to discount groups who still want to practice conversion therapies and other mambo-jumbo on gay people and there are quite a few. In grad school I had a friend that did an experiment. Mark my words, This generation is fighting for gay rights but our children will be fighting for the rights of pedophiles and animal lovers.

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