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abused cuckold tumblr
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I have come to agree with the words in this caption more and more as time has gone on. What gives her pleasure would be oral service from a beta like me and fucking with virile, big-cocked alpha males. So why would she ever let me cum? If I was standing as close to her as the photographer, would this woman want me staring at her body? For me to jerk off over a photograph of a woman who would be disgusted if I jerked off in front of her in real life is wrong. So I should not be looking even at the photograph really - as the caption says, she is dressed revealingly to attract the sort of men she would want as sexual partners, not losers like me. Because I understand the total and permanent implication behind her question.

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Adelaide. Age: 28.
abused cuckold tumblr

No, of course not, and if I kept on doing it she could have me arrested and prosecuted for harassment or stalking.

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Rory. Age: 25.
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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

So why would she ever let me cum? Yes, yes, yes - manipulate us and use us for your personal benefit. And it never would - I cannot please or satisfy her with my little dick.

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