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Imir bent his head forward and extended his tongue, licking the almost virginal black bud of Ling's bum. A story that I just had to fill in. In other words, before I started acting more friendly towards my friends. Finally the Sultan nodded, bending down so that his face was close to Prince Ling's. He shook his head in mock-ruefulness.

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Su, the royal Chamberlain, slipped quietly into the room behind the Prince, holding a wax slate and stylus to record the rough drafts of whatever agreement the two rulers might reach.

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Thanks so much for letting me know. As Imir watched, his trunk lifting and gently stroking Ling's strong naked back, the panda pulled the cloth down the elephant's long gray legs, then slid them off and tossed them onto the pile formed by his own clothing as Imir helpfully raised his feet to allow this action. I might add that the gemstones were added for the sake of modesty, rather than being part of the original design, and I only hope that the Sultan does not take offense.

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