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How did the babysitting gig come about? I was like, R egular Midwestern girls do adult [movies] too, so you guys are gonna have to make something else happen! I was uncomfortable that I was there. Kris is later forced to fire her, though she seems genuinely remorseful about it all. They were showing me on their computer, 'Look, we're getting a puppy! Advertisement - Continue Reading Below.

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Have you had any contact with any of them since at all?

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How did the babysitting gig come about? The footage of me may be five minutes total, and I spent probably 15 hours there. I was hoping Kylie and Kendall had you back a few times just to properly hang out, braid each other's hair, stuff like that. And for years and years I did try to protect them anyway; whenever it was brought up, I just said, "I can't say anything.

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