My Favorite Two Attractions At Disney Theme Parks

Magic Mountain is just one of the 11 Six Flags parks across the country that is shedding brands. It is part of yet another large-scale cost-cutting measure by the financially troubled amusement park company.

Located at Eastern State Penitentiary, Terror Behind the Walls is like fear on steroids. You know, the kind of fear that follows you home and takes up permanent residence in your psyche.

The animatronic dinosaur suppliers ballroom was damaged by fire in December and the dance floor was destroyed along with the restaurant underneath the ballroom. Restoration took two years and cost 500,000, with many of the former designers and builders coming out of retirement to assist, the restaurant then became the Tower Lounge.

Another popular computer game is Radica-20Q Tabletop Challenge. It includes multi-player function for kids age eight and over. Both boys and girls will love Radica because it almost appears as if it can read their minds; providing them answers to the most popular questions for their age group. It retails for under $30.

Barbie’s Pink 3 Story Dream Townhouse will appeal to any little girl. This amazing 3 foot house comes completely furnished. It includes five rooms: bedroom, kitchen, living room, bathroom, and dining area. Some of its special features include: a working jacuzzi, crackling fireplace, flushing sound for the toilet, working elevator, and a sounding door bell. Your little girl will live out her dreams in this Barbie Dream House. This toy is intended for ages 3 years and up.

Mystic Falls, at Sam’s Town, Las Vegas, has always been one of our favorite attractions. The sounds of the water, the animatronic dinosaur manufacturers creatures – eagle calling, bear roaring, wolf howling – and the laser lights and music have been a must-see for all our friends who are visiting Vegas. Now Mystic Falls has been transformed into a Winter Wonderland.

Lazer Tag came to us in the 1980’s, and few can forget the black rifles and pistols with red stripes. Nowadays, Lazer tag has gone through a lot of changes. Guns are much more futuristic and lasers are quite a deal more accurate. The Lazer tag Team Ops Deluxe 2-Player System is wireless, and comes with two pair of Heads Up Display unit goggles where you can see gameplay feedback. The set has enough equipment for two players and requires a dozen “AA” batteries.

You should also be prepared to get quite the workout in. The slides are located at the very top of the room which means 4 flights of steps for each trip down a slide.