Farting while having sex

farting while having sex
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When we see sex depicted it's usually either highly glamorized and glossy or clinical but precise. You may want to consider talking with a professional. It sounds like you are now anticipating it and it's getting in the way of having an orgasm. Are you experiencing farting or flatulence during an orgasm, where gas is being released from the anus. Updated September 15, When that happens, it can sound like anal flatulence, but it isn't.

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Sex with someone else always has the potential to be a comedy of errors or at least a bumbling mess.

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Embarrassing Farts During Orgasm

The first thing to do is figure out what exactly is happening. Or are you experiencing that other body response that people are often embarrassed about -- what some refer to as vaginal farting, which happens when air is released from the vagina during sex. A professional isn't necessary, but they are available to help you with this issue -- and they won't find your question or situation odd.

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