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Gin : Give me more time, I'll pay it back! Even Anri, the person most averse to conflict in the entire series , is tempted to stab Izaya with Saika so he'll stop being such a Jerkass. Based on a series of fifteen light novels written by Ryohgo Narita, the creator behind Baccano! Naturally, both Shizuo's strength and capacity for destruction are listed as immeasurably high. The injuries some characters sustain is just jarring in comparison to the anime. Just compare how eclectic and sometimes upbeat the two first volumes of the soundtrack "Psychedelic Dreams" and the Shou OST are and then take a look on how tense and angsty became the music in the Ten soundtrack.

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They even went all the way and made a couple of tourist girls in Episode 3, an entirely one-shot pair of characters, speak heavily accented, but otherwise perfect, Russian, complete with subtitles.

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If a monster or an evil psychic or an android or an evil ninja really appears At one point early in the series, Shinra even asks for Celty to be "more feminine", and she storms off. Adjusting Your Glasses : Anri and Shizuo do this on occasion.

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