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Square across to create your Hip line. That then gives you something far more substantial to sew onto the main work, in this case the suit. Split the difference between these lines when you determine what the final new sewing line will be. There are many connotations around the Playboy Bunny. As many of the people who follow my posts here and on other blogs where I publish my work know, I don't make basic, beginner level projects. Throughout the entire sewing process, I will treat the shell and interfacing as 1 piece. A hand draw sketch works just as well as long as you can tell what everything is supposed to be!

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A dab of E glue got the job done!

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Playboy Bunny Costume Gets A New Sari-Inspired Look For India (PHOTOS)

I secured the center again with another round of yarn and knots just to be sure it was secure. Leave a 2"-3" opening on one flat edge for turning. Starting a Handmade Business 8, Enrolled.

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