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Something went wrong, Please try again later. Anderson and then-husband Tommy Lee filmed a sex tape on their honeymoon, but the video was then stolen from their home and sold to distribution company Internet Entertainment Group. It took Lowe a couple of decades to revive his career. The hacker was tried, plead guilty, and sentenced to a decade in prison. Continue with Facebook Continue with Google Continue with email.

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Wendy. Age: 29.
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Lowe was also seen in one of the first commercially-available celebrity sex videos, alongside friend Justin Mortt and with a young unidentified model named Jennifer.

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Fernanda. Age: 31.
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But if you have any moral or ethical concerns, feel free to click out now! My first vision of earth was water veiled. Even with the proliferation of deepfakes, photoshopped nudes, and outrageous claims by celebrity pornsites, some celebs have thankfully been spared the humiliation of having their actual private photos and sex tapes leaked.

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