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Your teeth clenched around the gag as a forefinger tapped at your stinging clit, a shuddering quiver spreading up through your spine at the action. The amber tones of his eyes swirled with an array of emotions - lust, inquisition, love. His fingers moved lightly, grasping your wrists in his warm hands the moment he released them. Dylan worked his leaking tip past your lips, the taste of salty precum burning against your tongue. His semi-hard length slid from you and he pressed a small kiss to the bottom of your back, signalling you could move to a more comfortable position.

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Similarly to your leg, he kissed over the sore marks where the ties had chaffed your skin.

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You swallowed, unsure on whether to be honest or not. Your eyelids drooped shut as you took some time to recover from such an intense evening. You cried out when a finger pressed against your clit, the action sparking fiery trails of pleasure down your spine.

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