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If Steele feels underestimated, she hides it well. She's obviously settled with Blair. You're brought up not to be a show off and to get too big for your boots. There was lots to learn how to use a shotgun and a tranquilliser gun for example and plenty that's new. It's great, it's a compliment.

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Piper. Age: 25.
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It's worked, she's landed parts, even if they've not always been the ones she might have dreamt of.

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Naomi. Age: 24.
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Dawn Steele interview: Hint of Steele

But no one made me feel like I was replacing her, they were just really welcoming. The broadsheets called her "arguably Scotland's most successful actress" you've got to admit we're not the best at compliments and the tabloids dubbed Steele "Sexy Lexie", an epithet that's been hard to shake. If Dawn Steele ever was a prima donna, she's not now. I'm always going to move on to new jobs.

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