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There is no better way to show your employees and special clients how much you appreciate them at the holidays than by giving them a gift. Not just any gift will do when you want to show these certain people how much you care. These days, not all corporate gifts are the same as they used to be. No more are the days of simple fruit baskets or cheese of the month clubs. Today’s corporate gifts are a lot fancier and can get a lot more expensive along the way as well. Don’t worry! There are still many ideas and gifts out there that will make you and your company look good in one try.

OWeb search results. Below the local search results are the general web search results. In some cases church websites will be listed, but in other cases you may find that the websites listed aren’t actually church sites but websites that have directories of churches.

God is His Word. He cannot be separated from His word. He is a covenant keeping God and Best Beginner Electric Guitar over His word to perform it. King Solomon, the wisest and richest of his time, had this to say about God and His word – “Every Word of God is pure: he is a shield unto them that put their trust in him” (Proverbs 30:5, KJV).

The word of God leads you to success, teaches you how to maintain it, how to enjoy it with Peace of mind and how to teach others to enjoy the same. The word of God keeps you from troubles and prevents losses from coming your way. Many have gotten great ideas simply by meditating on God’s word and obeying it. That can be your story too.

As leaders, we must be aware when we are being tested. You can be confident that each one of these tests will come your way if God calls you for His purposes. Will you pass these tests? Ask for God’s grace today to walk through these tests victoriously.

The first Ferrari road car was not made until 1947 and was the 125S. Throughout this time period, Enzo made sure his Ferrari cars entered all European races and Ferrari always remained at the top in the Formula one series races.

Over the last several years Internet search engines have made tremendous improvements in what is called local search; that is the search for businesses or organizations in a specific geographical area. Now if you search for something and include a city in the search phrase you’re likely to see results that include a map with some virtual push-pins in it. With one click you can get a phone number, driving directions, and even read reviews of the place of your choice. As a result, people have been ditching their yellow pages in droves and searching online for restaurants, retailers, and even churches.

It was a smile that seemed to say he understood everything about me- good and bad- yet loved me anyway. I don’t think I can adequately describe the feeling of intimacy and personal attachment that this person seemed to feel for me. It was as if we were old friends, as if he had always been there with me and would always be there with me. Here was a being to whom I was completely known and completely loved. A being with complete good humor and a sweet conspiratorial kindness in his eyes. All I could do was smile at him, as if to say, “Oh, it’s you!”.

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