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This helps to soften your breasts so that baby can latch on. Nurse in a side-lying or upright position. Here are some other signs: Mom Rapid flow of milk after let-down, which can sometimes be painful. During a feeding Gently massage the breast to increase milk flow. Continued engorgement is one sign of oversupply. A tight or ill-fitting bra can press on milk ducts and make it harder for those ducts to empty. They may be warm, tender, or throbbing, and the skin may be stretched tight.

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tumblr engorged

This will make it more comfortable for both you and baby.

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Physiological engorgement

Allow the baby to nurse as often as he wants during that time, but always on the same breast. During let-down, break the suction and allow some milk to flow into a towel. If the latch is uncomfortable, remove baby from your breast after a few minutes and help him re-latch. Power Through By recognizing hunger cues and feeding every time their baby is hungry, most moms are able to produce the perfect amount of milk.

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