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Rouge seemingly possess a locket belonging to Bokkun , Eggman's messenger robot. In the Japanese version, the inside of the locket shows a picture of Cream the Rabbit , which indicates that Bokkun has a crush on her. Rouge is a trained thief and a master of stealth. She would often switch sides with either the good or bad to confuse them. She battled against the Metarex in Season 3 while tryi to take the chaos emeralds from Doctor Eggman and released Shadow.

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rouge the bat sexy

In episode 48, she actually calls him "handsome" as she was flying away to look for Chris , to which Knuckles smiles back.

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Londyn. Age: 23.
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Sonic the Hedgehog!

Her figure, speech and behavior masks her true identity. Eggman while observing the Metarex base, "Station Break-In". Rouge has demonstrated proficient computer hacking skills as she was able to get access to the data on the Space Colony ARK.

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