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For what little we see of it, I really like the Osakas' family dynamic. I love what's basically an modernized version of the Disguise Pen ; it makes perfect sense as technology. This being the first episode, the producers put a lot more CG than most of the show would end up using in the average. Yay, somebody covering my favourite version of the Dark Kingdom arc! Osaka is on the phone to Naru, looks like she'll be pulling another all-nighter. Also, I think the random photographs containing the moon at the end of the opening were where they listed sponsors for the show. Miss Dream miss translates some things questionably at times, to the point of completely changing the meaning of a scene.

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miss dream sailor moon

Digging deeply into the FX budget.

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[LTTP] [WIW] Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (The live-action series)

While I'm aware of their reputation in sentai circles, they did seem to have done a decent enough job. Usagi: I think I'm noticing a pattern here, he isn't blond either. Naru offers to maker her some lunch. Osaka is using a mobile phone.

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