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After five years, Rasul is about to become a commander. When Andres met Paz, he instantly knew that she was the one for him. Despite the misfortunes, Enez never left her husband. Sporting the same hairstyle, sharing the same taste in fashion, and using the same personal items, there isn't anything that can tell them apart. Sashi is a transgender woman who recently broke up with her boyfriend of more than two years after the guy decided to ditch her for a woman. Francis begins to change when he meets the charming and confident nun named Joanna, who asked him to get involved in a non-government organization that sympathizes with radical groups. How hurtful is it for a single mother to learn that her beloved child will go through the same ordeal as she had in the past?

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Susan grew in the province, naive of the real working of the world, in love particularly.

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Since she could not imagine herself to be with any other guy, Mariz remained single even after her siblings have already graduated. An episode on how to help a family achieve their Christmas wish to be reunited with each other and restart a new life altogether. A heavy family drama episode featuring Tesa, a lady who was raped by her elder brother but chose to hide the truth for the sake of her family. Can Pablo still make her mother forget Simon?

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