Gwen and charmcaster

gwen and charmcaster
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She is then transported to the Null Void along with the other losers, until Ben arrives to set them free. She supplies him with a lot of mana when they kiss multiple times, and allows him to go back to Earth to take revenge upon "his enemies", not knowing this to be Ben, Gwen and Kevin. Gwen tried telling Charmcaster that Michael wasn't really in love with her, but Charmcaster refused to listen. She wore her long silver hair laid out that extended to her thighs, orchid eyes, and very dark purple lipstick. Her efforts fail; however, as her attempts only end in swapping with Gwen, on her second try she was returned to her normal body while Ben and Gwen are swapped, and the third time resulted in returning Ben and Gwen to their normal bodies. By the time of the Omniverse series, she is gradually becoming corrupted again, this time partially due to an outside influence. She is arrested at the end of the episode, and her bag is tossed into the harbor.

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When they reach Zs'Skayr, he gives the Rune back willingly since he has already drained it of much of its power.

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Charmcaster (Classic)

Charmcaster's final appearance in the original series is in Ben 10 vs. Charmcaster's first attempt that getting the Staff of Ages was a failure due to Hex being powerful in his library. At first, she was rather weak without her bag and could not resist Gwen when she temporarily knocked her out of her bag. Charmcaster managed to murder the Gwen of this timeline and absorb all of her powers, also forcing Kevin to absorb the material of her rock monsters, giving Charmcaster full control over Kevin.

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