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Have your partner lie on their back as you run an ice cube from their neck aaaaalll the way down. Sometimes you gotta cool down to turn up the heat. Saying nice things to people is underrated. Just because you're naked doesn't mean you HAVE to do anything other than enjoy each other's company. Do your taste buds a favor and dole out some flavored lube, chocolate syrup, whipped cream, or whatever else you consider a dessert on a total snack. You can touch each other's bodies with your lips, tongues, and breath instead. Give Them a Show of Your Own.

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Aubrianna. Age: 29.
woman men naked having sex

Give Them the Silent Treatment.

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Kinslee. Age: 28.
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30 Things to Do With a Naked Man

And hey, your partner will NOT mind the view. And if you're feeling particularly ambitious, you can attempt the rusty trombone , where you perform a rim job and hand job at the same time. Institute a Hands-Off Policy.

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