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If she wants to shave because it makes her feel better for one reason or another more power to her. I know everybody likes different things and nothing wrong with changing things up now and then either. To have to do that would just be incredibly unfair, IMO. Ingrown hairs and inflamed flesh do not look good either. Speaking of armpits, remember the pictures of a young Sophia Loren? I would hate to think that anyone and I know that some do would feel the need to go through so much trouble, discomfort, pain so often for so little of a pay off.

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Lilyanna. Age: 29.
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Nothing sexy about looking like a plucked chicken.

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Aleena. Age: 32.
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That just doesn't make any sense to me. It also had little to no effect on how attractive a female is, to me. If a guy is willing to get naked with you, and undress you, and likes you so much that he puts you on his bed and puts himself inside you Ingrown hairs and inflamed flesh do not look good either.

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