Geisha girl tattoo designs

geisha girl tattoo designs
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The geisha tattoo design below looks pretty cool with the pink colours and elegant hairdo expressing real femininity. A tattoo having the Geisha as the design at the center are worn by men and women. A geisha normally undergoes a lot of training to perfect their art with some of the training including acquiring skills like poetry, traditional music and dance. Men would like a geisha tattoo because it represents what they want and women would want a geisha tattoo to try and inculcate some of the unique qualities that a geisha is supposed to have. A Geisha, in essence, was the symbolism of womanhood, a desire that every man longed for — making it another popular meaning for a tattoo design. Lovers of Japanese culture are fascinated by how deep the Japanese traditions are entrenched into their tattoos designs.

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The geisha tattoo design looks stunning and the place its worn makes it to more appealing.

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45 Traditional Geisha Tattoo that Inspire your Artistic Side

The word geisha according to the Japanese is a combination of two words which are gei and sha meaning a performing artist. The geisha tattoo below is quite versatile and a demonstration of great artwork. Geishas were indeed an epitome of beauty and elegance.

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