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How and why every main character that is a prisoner came to be there is revealed if the player finds all endings and unlocks all scenes. Although he is illiterate , Jose has Jared's diary in his possession, and is willing to part with it It is possible for Guys to form a close relationship with Lusca following two masturbation scenes. I just get a little queasy when it comes to the ass-violation parts. Thus, while the player technically guides the game, it is essentially a random process, and the player has little if any ability to affect the game's outcome without playing the game several times and using a trial and error process. Afterwards, Muca's family hired the private detective Jared to find him.

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Game interaction is extremely limited, as Enzai is a visual novel.

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Enzai: Falsely Accused

For this knowledge, he has been marked for death. The gothic feel is captivating and I lost no time getting absorbed into the stories In the first half of the game, the player is led to have the feeling of despair and hopelessness; the feeling of not knowing what is going on even if everyone else seems to, but knowing only that the events cannot be helped. Also to be noted as a quality in that game are the psychological details of the characters and of the situations.

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