Brother caught me jerking off

brother caught me jerking off
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Afternoons were sometime good opportunities to have jerking off marathons if the house was empty plus it was better than doing it than in the dark at night because during the day I could see my dick as I jerked off - it added to the excitement! I checked all the rooms in the house hey, I was being careful! But, this was NOT the time to discuss masturbation - I was in a some what "awkward" position - naked, breathing heavily and holding an aching hardon while my brother stood there silently smiling I was horny as shit by now I was teasing myself knowing that I would be stroking my dick soon but had lots of time to play and get as aroused as possible. Even though I wanted to pace myself, it did not take long before I was pounding the shit out of my aching dick and starting to arch my back preparing for the much anticipated orgasm. I don't know if this all makes any sense but if it does and you feel like sharing experiences on a strictly private basis we may have several things in common I'm assuming since you've read this far we have a common interest in jerking off!

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Kendall. Age: 23.
brother caught me jerking off

I put my hand on my underwear as I stood there and could feel my disk which felt like it was hard as steel - it was so hard it had popped out of the top of my jockey shorts.

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Ariyah. Age: 23.
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Caught by My Brother Jerking Off

Anyway, as I started out saying, I'd feel more comfortable sharing any other experiences privately via email and only with someone who is willing to share their own experiences. I eventually wiped up the mess and put my shorts back on. Though no words were exchanged I think my brother was glad to know for sure that I jerked off and he had seen me jerking off wildly and only missed the last moment fortunately since I would have been embarrassed to have him see me shooting my load uncontrollably.

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