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Additional odour removal tips Carpet pre-installation tips. Pour baking soda onto the carpet and leave it overnight. This highly efficient method can be applied to almost any type of carpet or rug on the market, including: Visco-elastic, latex foam, or flexible polyurethane carpets; Wool, polyester, or cotton rugs; Nonwoven fibre pad carpeting. Let us know whether this has worked for you. If the smell persists, arrange a carpet cleaning service on site. Fantastic Team January 21, at am Hello Shirley, The smell you are experiencing is caused by a process called offgassing, which is at its peak in the first hours after the carpet has been installed. Its volatile organic compound nature surely poses an important question: can 4-pch cause irritation or headaches?

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Vacuum the carpet frequently.

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What’s That Funky New Carpet Smell and How to Get Rid of It?

Just give it a little time. However, remember the following — the higher the temperature, the quicker will the off-gassing fade. Pour baking soda onto the carpet and leave it overnight.

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