Do You Know The Swimming Pool Filters Types?

While pool chemicals are certainly an important part of the winterization process, there are many other steps that must be followed. By making sure the pool is closed properly, owners are working to ensure the opening in the spring is easier as well. These general guidelines can assist in the closing process.

Once water cartridge filter quality improves, debris will then be more easily visible on the floor. Small amounts of debris can be vacuumed using the pool’s filter system.

Above ground pool supplies include a pump and water cartridge filter, which are essential to the water quality of your facility. The pump is responsible for circulating the water throughout its system. The water cartridge filter collects unwanted solid contaminants and provides chemical treatment to the water. Both the pump and filter help make the water clean and suitable for swimming. The running time of pumps and filters depends on the size of the pool. Typically, it is around 4 hours.

To maximize the life and appearance of your pool liner and ensure clean, safe water, the proper water balance must be maintained. Pool chemicals for maintaining your pool can be bought individually or in kits, such as a start up and maintenance kit. You should test your pool water regularly. Test strips measure free available chlorine, pH, total alkalinity, and calcium hardness. Chlorine should be added to the pool daily. Based on your pool size, some chemicals may need to be pre-dissolved. Follow the instructions that came with the test strips and chemicals.

You can rinse easily the water cartridge filter so that whenever pressure starts to pump from 10lbs, you can place it immediately into the unit. If necessary, you need to replace the cartridge if it is over 2 – 3 years. After doing this check, you need to know if you have worked on the procedure well. You can know if the swimming pool filter did not work if there are changes like increased deposit of contaminants and other debris.

If you have a decent purification system, removing and installing a water filter cartridge should be easy. If your system uses reverse osmosis filtration, you should consider replacing it altogether. This type of filter will allow lots of toxic chemicals to pass right through it. Plus, it removes all of the healthy minerals from your water.

Lower water of pool below returns and skimmer. Never completely drain a pool – Hydrostatic pressure can cause damage. Using an air compressor or shop vac (attached to the blower side of the vac), blow water out of system by forcing air down skimmer and through the plumbing. Add Anti-Freeze to plumbing and install threaded winter plugs to return fittings to keep water out of lines. Anti-Freeze is a non-toxic formula. DO NOT USE AUTOMOBILE ANTIFREEZE.

17. Pool cover: It is best to have more then one set of hands for this job. When placing the pool cover over your pool, make sure there are at least 2 or 3 ft hanging over ends of all sides of pool. Then place water bags on pool cover. Slide them in the provided loops on cover the water bags. Do this while the water bags are empty. Once in position, fill the water bags with the hose but do not over fill. When they freeze, the ice will expand them and cause them to break. The bags should be on outside of water holding pool cover securely around edge of pool.

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