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explicit scenes in mainstream movies
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It's intense and kind of hot to see people have sex in a movie and know it's actually real, and that's what you'll get with these movies. Contrary to my expectation, however, finding women to audition turned out to be easy: they came in great numbers, saying if sex was required, well, that was no big deal. Basically some people say they did, some say they didn't, and no one will ever know the truth. Apparently, the intimate moments are real—so if your interests include zombies and sex, get on it. Still, it features lots of unsimulated and pornographic scenes, if that's what you're looking for. While the sex itself was simulated, the reaction shot was not.

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Irene. Age: 21.
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The sex is real, the gore, thankfully, is not.

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Christina. Age: 22.
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Critics made note of the film's unsimulated sex and the movie's firm stance "sex is just another way of communication. Although this movie was made in , it was so controversial it wasn't released in theaters until Although Alexandra was 20 when the movie was filmed, she was playing a year-old character.

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