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During the Clone Wars , Mondo-Mod came into possession of the coordinates for a secret Confederate weapons factory on Diorda , and was subsequently approached by the Jedi Master Luminara Unduli for the coordinates. Unduli's last competitor was a large, multi-limbed gladiator droid named Evil Supreme that towered over her. Mondo-Mod grudgingly allowed her to continue with the challenge. With a crowd of spectators watching and betting on the match, Mondo-Mod—overlooking the fighting pit from a pedestal above the arena—ordered that the fight begin. Don't feel bad, many great fighters have died here.

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Siena. Age: 29.
best mods for luminara

Mondo-Mod was certain that the Jedi Master would lose one of the matches and be killed.

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Alma. Age: 22.
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Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Luminara Unduli Review

He enjoyed watching Luminara Unduli fight in the Arena of Doom and was sure prior to Unduli's victory over her three opponents that the Jedi Master would die during his challenge. He had green eyes , brown skin, and lacked hair. Don't feel bad, many great fighters have died here.

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