Mgk tattoo ideas

mgk tattoo ideas
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This tattoo represents the people with same mindset who are brushing off the negatives and turning them to positives. MGK got this tattoo when he was 16 or 17 right at the time when he started to believe in God. When he went to the bathroom to take a piss, he saw the entire bathtub was full and it was filled with pee. In an interview he told that he feels people want so much from him even he has given them everything. Like any other rappers in the industry, MGK has a good amount of ink on his body. That is the reason he got the giving tree tattoo.

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Camilla. Age: 32.
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Machine Gun Kelly is a huge Banksy fan.

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Eileen. Age: 24.
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Meanings and Stories behind Machine Gun Kelly’s Tattoos

The idea of this tattoo is that Big Brother is watching you from the high tower and people down here are revolting against it holding their bats and weapons. Most of his police run-ins where in Denver too. The numbers are the area codes for Denver and Cleveland. He saw a guy cross the street looking like he may have some weed.

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