Mabel and dipper morty

mabel and dipper morty
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Their last name isn't Smith, it's Pines! As always the summary and stuff is better on AO3. Yes, it's a crossover even within the family. Mabel and Morty by EvilLydia reviews After a series of events leads Morty to use the portal gun alone, he accidentally finds himself in Gravity Falls where he meets Mable. Rick and Ford and Morty and Dipper and Summer and Mabel and even more of your favorite cartoon peeps gotta team up to beat the ultimate evil, brohs!

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Fortunately, Ford isn't alone on this one.

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Dipper and Mabel Mortys

Also alcoholism, but you're reading a Rick and Morty fic so you knew what you were getting into. They're old enough to comprehend it. Along the way Ford tests his ability to tolerate Rick while meeting new companions.

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