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It is a film made using stop-motion-animated puppets to tell its story in a singularly unique way. It is also completely unflinching when it comes to depicting sex acts in an uncomfortable way, blurring the line between arousal and disgust. While some may primarily associate it with media aimed at children, it is so much more than that. Said sex scene was removed entirely from all other cuts of the film, though the edited cuts do still contain full female nudity. Customer service expert Michael Stone is travelling to Cincinnati to promote his new book.

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Barbara. Age: 20.
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Though, the exact content of the film varies quite a bit depending on which version of the release you watch.

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Sidney. Age: 24.
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Super Raunchy Anime Series That Really Go There

Mikura Suzuki, head of the mercenary group Danger Service Agency are hired to kidnap a violent mob boss. Your consciousness is the ghost in the shell that is your body. Protagonists Taki, of the humans, and Makie, of the Black World, are two such agents. He must give up his immortality and submit to death.

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