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Aboard the Mantis , Cere admits that when she learned Trilla became an Inquisitor, she briefly fell to the dark side, which is why she chose to cut herself off from the Force. On Dathomir, Cal's progress is impeded by Nightsister Merrin, who blames the Jedi for the massacre of her people during the Clone Wars, and attempts to keep him away by creating an army of revenants. After traveling to Ilum to rebuild his lightsaber, Cal returns to Dathomir, where he retrieves the Astrium and overcomes his guilt for his part in Jaro's death. Their mission complete, Cal then asks his crew where they should head next. Together they assault the Inquisitor headquarters, a station based in the waters of the planet Nur.

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Cere takes Cal to the planet Bogano, hoping that Cal may be able to access an ancient vault.

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Lady Jedi?

Publisher Electronic Arts announced the game at E3 He finds a recording of Cordova telling him that an Astrium can be found in a Zeffo tomb on Dathomir. Droid Works Pit Droids

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